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Therapies & Mentorship


Healing can be a challenging journey and often when we are in difficult situations and life gets rough, our frequency comes down which feels like having a blindfold on. We may not even know exactly why we are feeling low and drained. We may become unable to know how to heal ourselves or how to get out of this lower vibrational space, we tend to forget all the good things that keep us well. It may be more difficult to get into connection with our higher self to start healing in this space. It is important to know that in these situations we are not alone and help is there to get you out of the lower frequency into a more empowered state, to feel like ourselves again and gain connection with our healing gifts.


Huacha removal

Often when we go out of alignment we go into a shift with our astral body from our physical. In these cases we are vulnerable to outer negative energies to attach onto our energy field, especially when we are in a triggered state and ruminating about something negative or having disharmonious self-talk. In these situations huacha (lower frequency energy attachment / entity / thoughtform / energetic parasite) can attach to our energy field and bring our frequency down. This is really common and a simple energy attachment (Huacha) removal can bring us back into alignment into feeling like ourselves again. Sometimes it is possible to turn around long-lasting low energy state and depression with one healing session when an energetic parasite has been removed from the energy field and we may feel much lighter again.

Soul Retrieval

When we experience traumatic situations in our lives, soul loss can occur. We may disassociate from our bodies when in a traumatic experience, to not feel the full impact of the trauma. Have you ever gone through something traumatic that seemed painful, but actually you were in such shock that you did not feel anything? In these cases a part of our psyche disassociates, or in shamanic perspective, a part of our soul flees to either Lower, Middle or Upper world. When a soul loss has occurred, we may feel not fully ourselves, like something is missing, we may fall into addictions trying to fill the emptiness inside. In some cases soul loss happens when we are very young due to being left in the cradle for too long or felt abandoned by some reason. When we are young and vulnerable, insignificant situations may feel very significant and envoke soul loss. In soul retrieval we go into a journey to find the soul pieces missing and convey them to come back. After the session you may feel whole again, a new sense of satisfaction or completeness may occur. You may even be able to quit addictions easily as they are no longer needed to fill the emptiness within.

Shamanic Illumination Process

Shamanic Illumination Process is a 1.5 – 2 hour long deep healing session that can create drastic changes in your life that last. We start with an energetic cleanse and get rid of any negative spirit attachments, energetic parasites, entities and thought forms that do not serve your highest good. Then we go deeper into the core issue that wants to be released / embraced and process suppressed emotion, detach from disharmonious chords and connections that do not serve you any more, and we call back your power. We scan the body and identify which energy centres are not working properly, where the energy is not flowing harmoniously and move those blockages. We check for any soul pieces that are missing that would like to come back or any magical powers and gifts that have got stuck or gone missing somewhere, and call them back. Throughout the session we release suppressed emotions that are stored in the cell memory or reprogram childhood memories. Things may come to surface that you had no idea about, ready to be integrated.  You may find that life starts changing in a positive way after this session. It may be that you need to take some time to be gentle with yourself after the session and integrate.

Tantric Body De-armouring &
Mayan Abdominal Massage

Body De-Armouring

Body Dearmouring is a therapy where we release the body’s energetic armor – traumas and emotions that we have stored in the cellular memory during our life, which we have not fully experienced or integrated. This protective burden stored in the body adds stress to our nervous system and keeps the body’s energetic frequency lower. It hinders the flow of our life force and sexual energy, our ability to connect from the heart, and affects our behavior patterns and relationship with ourselves and others. By freeing yourself from this burden, the body becomes more sensitive and sexual energy can flow more freely, the sense of well-being increases and behavior patterns can change, and self-love can grow to new levels.

Mayan Traditional Belly Massage

This ancient practice has been passed down through generations in Mayan culture and it is even said that this, including temazcal (sauna ritual), have been the two main medicines used in Mayan families to heal all ailments. This abdominal massage focuses on the organs in the belly region, working to promote optimal organ function and alignment. By stimulating the flow of blood, lymph, and energy to the abdominal area, this therapy can help alleviate digestive issues, menstrual cramps, and other ailments. Additionally, this massage can help release emotional blockages and promote overall well-being. This practice has come to me from Guatemala and I am glad I can share a part of this culture’s healing tradition with you.

Feminine Embodiment Activation

A transformative 1-1 healing mentorship programme based on Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel and TaoTantric Practices certified under Mantak Chia.
Are you are ready to dive deep into a sacred union with yourself, your mind, body and spirit? This programme is created uniquely for individual needs, where we go on a journey around 4 directions and 4 archetypes cover topics from trauma work to sexual empowerment and awakening of the shakti within.

Topics covered in each direction:

The Serpent of the South – Shedding the Skin of the Past

– Trauma work

– Releasing physical, mental, emotional and energetic blockages

– Dearmouring

– Shamanic Healing / Soul Retrieval / Entity clearing

– Mother Wound / Father Wound

– Self Healing


The Jaguar of the West – Empowerment & Boundaries

– Empowering tools for communicating consent, boundaries and desires

– Shadows and Archetypes

– Energetic Protection and Consecration of Space

– Helpful tools for unraveling behavioural patterns

– Making friends with the Shadow


The Hummingbird of the West – Awakening of the Shakti

– Taoist practices to raise Kundalini

– Practices to widen body’s capacity to handle energy

– Conscious Sexuality

– Harmonious Relationship tools

– Connecting with Ancestors


The Condor of the East – Seeing the Bigger Picture

– Emotional Alchemy

– Manifestation

– Ceremonies & Rituals

Connect with nature and find your true nature.