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Here is a little bit about my journey to holistic healing

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Shamanic healer, embodiment & Tao Tantra teacher, medicine musician, creative director and adventurer.
For the past 11 years, I have unravelled childhood trauma, thought and behavioural patters, sexual energy blocks, sacred femininity, conscious communication, self love and much more by immersing myself in various energy healing modalities to explore how to balance the mind, body and spirit holistically and find alignment in most effective ways. My deep dive has been into shamanism to Estonian and English indigenous traditions, Peruvian Medicine Wheel & Mayan teachings from Guatemala and Mexico and Taotantric practices as a symbiosis of modern Tantric teachings and ancient Taoist knowledge. Besides that I have undergone training in Crystal Therapy, Body-Dearmouring and Abdominal Massage, Tantric Energy Massage and Shakti Activation, Systematic Kinesiology, Coaching, Tao Tantric Arts & Conscious Sexuality, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Haranni Celestial Healing, Authentic Voice Activation, TRE, EFT, Yoni Egg Practices, basics in Bio-Resonance and research into many other modalities. One of my missions is to help people remember their true nature and reconnect with Mother Nature. Magic is all around us and small prayers and rituals can have a big positive impact on our lives - I help people rediscover that magic through mentorship, healing, drum journeys, workshop facilitation, retreats to heal the inner child, balance the masculine and feminine within, meet the true soul potential, heal ancestral chords and call back soul parts that have gone missing. Each session is individually curated for the client's needs. More about different services under SERVICES tab.


Tantric Divine Feminine Teacher Training, Tantraloka, India, 2024
TaoTantric Bodywork, Shashi Solluna, Portugal, 2023
Siddha Kundalini Healing Level 1 Training & Initiation, Finland, 2023
TCM Foundation, Guatemala, 2022
Energetic Tantra Massage Foundation, Deva Prem, Estonia, 2021
Level 1 EFT Training, School of Native Wisdom and Folk Medicine, Estonia, 2021
TaoTantric Arts Teacher Training international, certified under Universal Healing Tao by Mantak Chia, Costa Rica, 2021
Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel Serpent 1,2 & Jaguar, UK, 2022-2023
Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Level 1&2, The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, UK, 2019-20
Rahanni Healing, Earth Rites, UK, 2017
Crystal Healing, Gareth Hughes, UK, 2017-18
Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel Foundation, Earth Rites, UK, 2017-18
Shamanic Healing Training & Initiation Level 1&2, Copal Da Selva, UK, 2016
Energy Healing Foundation, Priti Chouhan, UK, 2016

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With two sessions, there was a huge change and healing in my life. I felt the parts of my soul that were lost due to trauma come back to me and it felt like I really came home. The big longing that I used to have is gone and I feel great.

Laura Valk

After a session with Elisabeth I felt like a new person. At first I held back my feelings that came up but then somehow magically I felt to open up and felt a great relief when I allowed myself to feel (cry and laugh and be angry) A lot of gratitude came after the session. Thank you!

Kaido Tamm

One completely happy day sadness came into me. Immediately I felt grief engulfing my whole body out of the blue with no apparent reason. So I let it be. When I had felt it for several days and it still didn't go away, it became suspiciously annoying. I told Elisabeth about this exhausting sadness and she offered to give me some healing. I trusted Elisabeth but I didn't really know what she was going to do with me, and even now I don't quite understand what she did, but the feeling is MEGA! I surrendered myself completely in Elisabeth's hands. Oh I cried and I screamed and I fell! And I became free! It is not possible to put this experience into words, and the question still persists to the very end how it is possible to energetically clean the body in such a way that after this difficulty it felt as if I was floating. Thank you, thank you wonderful fairy for the lightness you create and bring to this world!

Illimar Pilt