Huatcha Removal




Huacha is an energetic parasite, a lower frequency energy attachment / entity / thoughtform that can attach to our energy field from the outside and bring our frequency down and drain us. This is unfortunately really common in today’s society and can happen easily when your spirit and body go out of alignment.  A  Huatcha removal can bring you back into alignment, into feeling like yourself again with higher energy levels and lightness. It is possible to turn around long-lasting low energy state and depression with this short therapy session – when energetic parasites have been removed from your energy field life may suddenly seem light and full of ease again. However it is recommended to have a shamanic healing not long after to balance the energy centres for huatcha not to be able to come back.

This therapy is done in person, stood up, using kinesiology and an extraction crystal. This is a part of every other longer therapy I offer.

On it’s own, this is recommended for someone who knows how to hold space for oneself and balance ones energy afterwards.