1. Embodiment Mentorship Programme




Extensive one on one coaching / mentoring programme for to release trauma, empower and activate your life using Taoist energy practices, Shamanic & Tantric practices in structure of Peruvian Medicine Wheel working with 4 archetypes and 4 directions. This includes a healing session / workshop / mentoring session / practice once a week, either in person or via zoom. The price is for one month, however the programm is recommended to follow at least for 3 months to get empowered and create lasting changes. This programme is suitable for both men and women.

1st module – Serpent (South)
In this direction we work with shedding the past the way a serpent sheds its skin, healing, releasing limiting beliefs, trauma, repressed emotions, this is one of the most important steps before activating Shakti energy, so that there are no blockages when we start to move the energy up and activate the body into new frequencies.

2nd module – Jaguar (West)
In this direction we work with empowerment, establishing boundaries, discovering/holding a safe space, practices on how to express our desires, needs and boundaries clearly and lovingly. It is really important that we can trust ourselves to be able to hold ourselves in a safe space for our shakti energy to flow freely. We learn about our beavioural patterns and gather valuable tools that can help up navigate life easier.

3rd module – Hummingbird (North)
In this direction we work with energetic activations, so that the body can safely accommodate and handle larger amounts of energy and direct energy in our body with Taoist practices, learn how to charge the body with life force energy so that the body’s energy handling capacity increases and more Shakti can open up and flow. This also increases the ability to manage energy in other areas of life, e.g. healing, performing, etc. In Hummingbird, we open up the multiorgasmic potential.

4th module – Condor/Eagle (East)
In this direction we learn how to alchemize emotions, how to use Kundalini energy in manifestation to create the kind of life you want, how to do a self healing practice and learn different rituals / ceremonies for healing and manifestation.

A 4-month program with one meeting every week is recommended, but you can also choose how long you want it to be, in some directions you may need more time and in others, less. It is possible to start again in Serpent after completing the Eagle. The program is put together for each person individually with the practices that the client needs the most.

Payment of 444€ is a cost for one month paid in one go, at the beginning of the mentorship.